MATTER for schools

Since 1997, MATTER has been producing CD-ROMs and interactive web sites designed specifically for school science.  By working closely with teachers and their pupils, we can provide resources relevant to their needs.  We have also been working with teacher trainees to help equip them with the skills and confidence necessary to use ICT effectively in the classroom. Our various resources are listed below.


  • Materials MATTER in Schools - interactive CD-ROM designed to help pupils at key stages 3 and 4 with a number of important materials-related concepts in the national curriculum for science. Can be used by individual pupils, in small group teaching, or as a classroom demonstration.
Materials MATTER in Schools
Interactive Exercises in A-Level Chemistry
Online resources
  • MATTER Initiative for Schools - working with science teachers in the Merseyside region to help increase the uptake of science by school children.  This project has been funded by the European Social Fund under the Objective One programme for Merseyside.

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