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MATTER success at EUROMAT 97

Materials Science on CD-ROM wins Best Educational Video/CD-ROM/CDi Award

Euromat medal

Materials Science on CD-ROM version 1.1 has been unanimously voted by public jury as winner of the Educational Video/ CD-ROM/CDi competition at EUROMAT '97, held in Maastricht, Netherlands, 21-23 April, 1997.

EUROMAT logoObjectives

The competition was open to all videos, CD-ROMs and CDi's on materials technology having a high educational content and covering one of the following aspects of materials technology or applications: metals, polymers, ceramic, glasses, composites, functional materials, materials damage, materials in relation to design and production.


All entries for the competition first underwent a pre-selection by a group of trainers and specialists on the basis of:

  • Relevance of the subject;
  • Didactic and instructional qualities;
  • Scientific/engineering soundness;
  • Technical and artistic quality.


The 4 pre-selected entries in this context were shown during EUROMAT '97. The public voted for the prize winner in a ballot during the viewing session.


This consists of a medal and NLG 1000 provided by Akzo Nobel.


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