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Six stages of steel production

Question 2

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Question During which stage do you think the final composition of the steel is fixed?


Red cross RAW MATERIALS - I can see why you think this because the raw materials do indeed control much of the final chemistry of the steel, especially if we are using large amounts of recycled steel in the electric arc furnace. However we can make changes to the final steel composition during another of the stages through the addition of alloying elements. Try again.

Green tick STEELMAKING - Correct - the final changes to the steel composition is made during this stages, for example by making alloy additions to the molten steel in the BOS (Basic Oxygen Steelmaking) or Electric Arc Furnaces.

Red cross CASTING - All the modifications to the steel chemistry are made by the time you cast the molten steel . Some small changes to the final chemistry can occur during casting (for example nitrogen / oxygen loss or pick up from the atmosphere) but these tend to be limited and generally have a small effect on the final composition. Try again.

Red cross PRIMARY FORMING - No, primary forming is taken to mean the stages which result in a major change in shape such as rolling, forging or drawing. There are changes to the steel microstructure but not to the overall steel chemistry. There may be some minor changes to the surface composition through decarburisation during furnace treatments. Try again.

Red cross MANUFACTURING, FABRICATION AND FINISHING - The overall composition of the steel is not altered at this stage although it is possible for there to be changes to the surface chemistry of the steel (for example by nitriding or carburising treatments). Try again.

Red cross PRODUCT/APPLICATION - No, try again as here we mean the final component or product only, for example a steel car body panel or steel plate used in a bridge deck.


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