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Six stages of steel production

Question 1

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  Question During which of these stages would you expect machining to occur?


Red cross RAW MATERIALS - No, we don't machine the raw materials although they may be processed (for example sintered, crushed) to make sure that they are in the optimum condition for the next stage of processing. Try again.

Red cross STEELMAKING - No, try again

Red cross CASTING - Absolutely not! Casting involves pouring molten steel into a mould, you cannot machine molten steel!. Try again.

Red cross PRIMARY FORMING - No, primary forming is taken to mean the stages which result in a major change in shape such as rolling, forging or drawing. Machining is generally an expensive process and only used if other forming processes (primary or other fabrication processes such as pressing, forging etc.) can't give the detailed shape required or the dimensional accuracy required. Try again.

Green tick MANUFACTURING, FABRICATION AND FINISHING - Correct, machining is typically a finishing stage to give the steel component its final shape and surface finish.

Red cross PRODUCT/APPLICATION - I can see why you think this. but here we mean the final component or product only, for example a steel car body panel or steel plate used in a bridge deck. Try again.


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