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Coatings for corrosion protection 

Q: Zinc bath temperature

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Question Control of the zinc coating properties can be achieved through control of the chemistry and temperature of the zinc bath.  What temperature do you think the zinc bath should be?


Red cross Room temperature- Incorrect , at room temperature zinc is a solid.  Try again.

Red cross 140C- Incorrect , at this temperature zinc is still a solid.  Try again.

Green tick 460C - Correct , zinc has a melting temperature of about 420C, a slightly higher temperature is used for the coating bath.

Red cross 750C - Incorrect , whilst zinc is indeed molten at this temperature is it much higher than the melting temperature therefore it is inefficient to use such a high temperature, also the zinc will not solidify quickly after leaving the bath resulting in a poor coating layer.  Try again.

Red cross Try again.

Red cross Try again.


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