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Coatings for corrosion protection


Sacrificial coatings

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Hot-Dip Zinc-Coated Steel (Galvatite)

Galvatite is the brand name of an extensive range of hot-dip zinc and iron/zinc alloy coated steels produced to conform to BS EN 10142 & BS EN 10147 in sheet and coil. Galvatite might be used for automotive wheel trim and wheel cavity panels.

Click to see micrographs of the hot-dip zinc coated steel surface.

Have a go!Click here for an interactive simulation of the hot dip process and investigate how the thickness of the zinc coating can be controlled.

Hot-Dip Iron-Zinc Alloy Coated Steel (Galvannealed Steel)

This is a derivative of the hot-dip zinc-coated steel, produced by in-line annealing (galvannealing) after coating. This coating is used for automotive side body panels and boot panels and is popular with car makers as it offers the best combination of corrosion protection, formability, weldability, paintability and cost.

Click to see micrograph of the hot-dip iron-zinc coated steel surface.

Hot-Dip Zinc/Aluminium Alloy Coated Steel (Zalutite)

Zalutite is steel that is hot-dip coated with an alloy composed primarily of zinc (43.5%) and aluminium (55%). The mixed coating provides increase corrosion protection compared to zinc alone.

Electro-Zinc Coated Steel (Zintec)

Zintec, British Steel's electro-zinc coated steel sheet and coil, offers a number of advantages over ordinary uncoated mild steel. Zintec's corrosion resistance protects the steel in transit, in storage, during the production process, and in the finished product. Zintec might be used for automotive bonnets.

Zinc-Nickel Alloy Electro-Coated Steel (Nizec)

Nizec is high quality cold reduced steel sheet and coil, electrolytically coated with a uniform, tightly adherent alloy of 87% zinc and 13% nickel (approximate percentages by mass). It is a versatile material which can improve product quality and durability. Under conventional salt spray and cyclic corrosion testing, Nizec gives 2-4 times the corrosion resistance of a pure electro-zinc coating of the same thickness. Its coating offers good resistance to galling damage under severe forming and drawing conditions and the surface finish is excellent for painting. Nizec might be used for automotive side body panels and boot panels.


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