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Solidification Kinetics

  Entropy of Fusion     2 of 6

The change in free energy during solidification is made up of two terms - the change in enthalpy during fusion, DHf (i.e. the latent heat ) and the change in energy associated with the entropy change during fusion, DSf.

DGf = DHf -TDSf

 have a go!Click on the labels on the image on the right to show free energy, DHf and -TDSf curves.

DSf represents the increase in the degree of disorder on going from the regular atomic array of the (crystalline) solid to the disorganized atomic structure of the liquid. Using the condition that DGf=0 when T=Tf leads to an expression for the entropy of fusion in terms of the latent heat DSf =DHf /Tf so that the free energy change can be written as DGf = DSfDT.

 Questions image On the image, click the temperature where DHf = TDSf.


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