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Materials Science on CD-ROM version 2.1


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Product endorsements...

"I strongly recommend this excellent software. We use it extensively in our courses and is very popular with our students." Professor Colin Humphreys, Department of Materials Science and Metallurgy, University of Cambridge 
"The MATTER software is very nicely done. The interface is clean and intuitive. I feel that this kind of approach will enable students to better visualize important concepts in materials science. The interactive portions are very effective in engaging the user in active learning."

Professor Kristen P. Constant, Department of Materials Science and Engineering,


"The MATTER modules are excellent teaching aids that enhance understanding through visual representation of complex phenomena. Students enjoy working through the modules which provide instant feedback as to how well the material has been understood. It is anticipated that MATTER modules will be incorporated into materials science and engineering degree course teaching at the University of Limerick." Dr. Jeremy Robinson, Department of Materials Science and Technology, University of Limerick


"The program has very well thought out interactivity features. Working like a good teacher, it leads the student to the correct answers to problems, without being repetitive or simply providing the solution." Professor A.H. King, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, State University of New York at Stony Brook 
"The MATTER software puts the student in control of many of the important parameters of each simulation. It is this ability to allow the student to explore each concept fully which puts this package ahead of others in the field." Professor John Pilling, Department of Metallurgical Materials Engineering, Michigan Technological University 
"The modules from Materials Science on CD-ROM are a perfect student assistance for self-study and very suitable on-line during the undergraduate courses of materials science (LCD-projector on large screen) as a pedagogical intermezzo, the animations providing a clear illustration of the theory." Professor Yvan Houbaert Lab., Metallurgie University of Gent, Belgium


"The MATTER CD-ROM is a very welcome progress to the existing teaching texts because it fulfils a real need for a stimulating and up-to-date introduction to materials science and engineering which should contribute to the improvement of the standards of materials courses and students' performance across Europe." Professor S.Meriani, University of Trieste, Italy



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