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Non-profit making organization
MATTER is a non-profit making consortium of UK Universities led by The University of Liverpool, created to develop and help implement high quality educational software for teachers and students of materials science, engineering and related disciplines. All revenues created by advertising are invested in future development.
Exceptional Reach
Even before we launched our content based site MATTER has averaged more than 20000 hits per month. Our software is well established in many universities and related industries around the world. 
Top Quality Content & More
MATTER.org.uk provides top quality, award-winning interactive content that is steadily expanding and gaining in reputation. Our aim is to be the premier site to access materials science and engineering educational information on the web.  

"Many marketers have been discovering that quality of service is more important than quantity of visitors. A web surfer who spends time returning to his favorite content site again and again is going to be more receptive than someone who visits just once and never returns. These repeat customers will be more likely to click through to your promotional site." 
-E.W.Schwarz; Webonomics

Global Customers
Internet users outside the U.S. will make up 58% of the global Internet audience by the year 2001 (IDC/Link, July 98). MATTER software is already used in more than 30 countries world wide and the list is growing.



   1999 MATTER Project. The University of Liverpool.