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Ads are dynamically rotated throughout a MATTER site. All rates are quoted as gross cost per thousand (CPM) impressions delivered.

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Run Of Network Advertising Opportunities

The Run Of Network Advertising Program distributes your banner randomly throughout the entire MATTER site. It offers a cost effective way to advertise on the internet.

When you purchase a campaign, you will be able to select a duration of one, three, six or twelve months. The ad views you purchase will be delivered evenly on a day-to-day basis for that time period.

200 for 3,077 ad views
300 for 4,615 ad views
400 for 6,154 ad views
500 for 7,692 ad views
1,000 for 15,384 ad views
200 for 8,000 ad views
300 for 12,000 ad views
400 for 16,000 ad views
500 for 20,000 ad views
1,000 for 40,000 ad views
200 for 5,714 ad views
300 for 8,571 ad views
400 for 11,428 ad views
500 for 14,285 ad views
1,000 for 28,571 ad views

MATTER makes no guarantee for on-time integration of late materials. Artwork that does not meet banner dimensions or file size specifications will be modified at the advertiser or agency's expense

A signed insertion order must be received before materials can be integrated. MATTER will provide advertisers with a monthly bill for their online activity.

Traffic Scheduling
Our internal traffic system allows for fair and equal rotation across days/weeks in your flight, as well as the ability to front load, back load or "heavy-up" your delivery during any portion of your buy.

Our proprietary inventory planning system ensures that your impression guarantees are justified by the most accurate, up-to-date performance information. Our system means your delivery is monitored and adjusted throughout the flight to ensure your impressions are dispersed according to your needs.



   1999 MATTER Project. The University of Liverpool.